Bonfire fun.

Saturday was a scorcher here in East Tennessee...the temps got up to almost 90 and it sure is hard to believe it is September. It was so hot that Brian actually got in the pool last night.

We spent the morning resting up from Friday night's excitement at the concert and then later that afternoon we went to E-town for the car show. It was nice...the guys looked at the cars while I shopped in the antique stores. When I caught back up to them they let me know that they saw my niece and she wouldn't even speak or look up at them after she first glanced their way. Such a shame that it has come to that. Being in that town really made me miss Noah. I'm sure he will grow up not knowing how much his Aunt Ashley, Uncle Brian and Cousin Ryan love him. We haven't seen him in almost two months now and I'm sure by now he wouldn't remember us at all if we did see him. I am really disappointed in my brother in law who always told me that he'd never keep my nephew away from us. I'm not surprised that we haven't heard from him either though.

I quickly got out of my funk when we got back home though. Whitney and Daniel came by and the guys shot their bows, getting ready for archery season, until they ran out of daylight. Brian loves his new crossbow that I bought for him. Then we had a bonfire some jello shooters and some beer and enjoyed the night. We laughed and laughed it was a really good time. Nothing like real friends! Thanks guys...I love ya.

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