I'm alright...Diverticulitis and all!

Wow what a life changing week I've had. Wednesday morning around 2am I woke up with the most excruciating pain I've ever felt in my entire life...this pain made labor and delivery seem easy! My sweet husband was a trooper...he stayed up with me and nursed me through the rest of the night and the next day when my sister finally talked me into going to my doctor. I'm so glad I listened to her...too often we women don't listen to our bodies or others and we just suck it up and dismiss it saying it will go away in a few days...don't do it...if our bodies tell us something we need to sit up and listen. I went to the doctor and was immediately sent for a CAT Scan...where it was determined that I was suffering from diverticulitis. If I hadn't gone to the doctor I would have continued to suffer with this pain in my stomach that I've suffered with for months but I didn't find out what the real cause was until it was severe. Needless to say...my diet changed real quick. So not only have I given up smoking but now it looks like I may have to give up eating as well. I'm joking of course but I have been on a liquid diet since then until today. I actually ate real food again...just watched what I ate. It wasn't too bad. I also had a totally different shopping experience at the grocery store today...there I found myself looking for foods high in fiber, with whole wheat and grains, and fruit but hold the seeds PLEASE! Oh and corn on the cob...forget it!

Well let's get to the good stuff that happened at the end of this week. Despite my health problem we managed to get down to my sister's and put together Noah's new swing set that his Grandma Dee and Papaw Mike bought for him (pictured above) he loves it! He is a huge fan of the trampoline that is on the end of it. Hey how come the swing sets we had when I was little didn't have a trampoline on them MOM? Huh? What's up with that? Special thanks to Uncle Brian and proud Papa Ed (pictured above) for getting it put together for us.

Also my sister in law Jennie (also pictured above) graduated from ETSU today. I am extremely proud of her for sticking with it and working full time and going to school at night to get her degree. My brother Doug held a party for her tonite at their house and we enjoyed everyone's company. Congratulations Jennie! You go girl.

Well tomorrow I am off to West Virginia to visit with Mom for a couple of hours on Mother's Day and then back here to visit with Brian's mom as well. Then Tuesday it's off to Hilton Head Island...Yay...beach trip! Can't wait for that! So for now...I'll just pop an antibiotic and sign off for the night. Hope all the moms out there have a Happy Mother's Day!


Noah turns Three & We set the chicks free!!!

Yesterday was Cinco De Meyo and a big day around our house. Brian finished up my lovely chicken coop...got all of the chicken wire up and raccoon proofed and then we were able to set the chickens out into their run area. It was so exciting to watch them scratch around on the ground and discover the world around them. I took a bunch of pics and video but these are my favorites.

My little buddy Noah turned 3 years old on this date as well so we had to go see him for a little bit. Took him a few little presents but we will take him his big present from Grandma Dee and Papaw Mike on Saturday when he has his official little party.

We had a very nice pot luck lunch at work also. We were raising money to support the Relay for Life program of the American Cancer Society. Make sure you arrange something like this at your place of employment. This is something everyone needs to support.


Brother Doug turns 30!!!

Saturday night we headed out to Fun Expedition in Johnson City for my brother Doug's surprise 30th birthday party. It was a hoot. I loved the go carts, bumper cars, and playing putt putt with the hubby. Can't wait to go back.