Teenager Trouble

I am really at my wits end lately with Ryan. He will turn 13 in a month and his attitude is terrible, his grades are terrible, he is trying to grow his hair (which drives me crazy), he back talks and lies. He was always such a sweet little boy. For some reason since school started this year everything has just gone downhill fast.
I received a letter in the mail 2 weeks ago telling me that he was in jeaopardy of failing for the year because he has 2 F's in Math for the year. Ryan has always been an honor roll student and now I am being told that he could possibly fail a grade. He is not on drugs (yet)...I know this for a fact. He is in a terrible school where in some classes there is no control what so ever. I have started picking him up from school so that I can make sure he has all of his homework, I am in constant contact with his teachers, I go over his studies with him at home & it seems as though he understands it...so why when he gets to school does he fail his tests? I have even gone to school with him and sat in on his classes just to get an idea for myself what is going on. The other day I asked him if he had any graded papers to share with me & he said no. Well I find out this morning from the math teacher that she sent papers home all week for him to get me to sign and return & he brought them back with my signature that he had forged & she could tell. If he had brought them home I could have went over them with him and helped him understand but now he is probably having a test on that work today and there is nothing I can do to help him.
I guess it is just part of being a teenager. I guess I need to just let him fail and learn for himself that his actions have consequences. I can't do his work for him & if he is not willing to do it then he will do it over again next year & repeat the 7th grade. It just seems like such a waste when he is such a smart boy.


Me & Ryan at Easter

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It's Electric!!

I just had to post this picture of Ryan's new Electric Guitar. He is so proud of it. I am proud of him for saving his money and buying it. Also for paying for his first month's worth of lessons. I am very very very thankful that it came with headphones that you can plug into the amp so I don't have to hear it all the time.

The Weekend

Well this weekend was another one of those lay around and do nothing weekends. On Friday night we had a few people wonder over. Our neighbor JR showed up and then my husband's Cousin Brandon & his girlfriend Velvet came by for a little while. We drank a few beers and talked...it was cool. Saturday morning was cold and rainy! The perfect day to stay in bed and sleep late. When I finally did get up I made huge biscuits, fried some country ham (not good for my diet), and scrambled eggs. MMMMMM. Then we all got blankets and camped out in the living room...this was Barrett/Jackson Auto Auction Weekend on Speed Channel. My husband lives for this. We have been watching it everyday since Wednesday. I am glad it is finally over. Don't get me wrong I like to see the old & new cars (all perfectly restored, etc) go across the auction block...but after several hours of this the cars all start to look the same. But I cuddle up and watch it with the guys. We did manage to squeeze in time to watch the movies I rented. The first one we watched on Saturday night it was "Two for the Money"...I love Matthew M. in this movie...He is sooooooooooo hot. After that it was back to the auction where a bus sold for $4 million dollars. That was the highlight. On Sunday morning we got up and went to church. It was a nice service...the music was awesome. Preacher Craig always has a good message too.
After church we came home and watched the other movie I had rented it was called "Lord of War"...it had Nicholas Cage in it I love him too but this was not one of his best movies. After that I took a nap & got ready to watch the playoff games. I am glad Pittsburgh is in the superbowl but I was dissappointed that Carolina didn't play better than they did. I don't know who to put my money on in the Big Game.
My sister, her husband & my neice came by for a little while. Amber tuned Ryan's guitar back up. He has been playing it to death! Taylor (my neice) and I discussed the games we are planning to play at Amber's baby shower. Taylor is very excited about being in charge of some of the games. I am glad they got to come by and visit.
All in all it was a nice weekend.