Woot Woot!!! Pat's Bday is here!

Giving a big shout out to our good buddy Pat today is his special day! Tonite we went to PMS (Prillhart Motor Speedway) where Ryan and myself whooped up on the competition! Woot woot!!! We had an absolute blast. We enjoyed some cherry limeade and McD's tea and assorted beverages and some delish Johnny Brusco's Pizza. Yummo as Rachael Ray would say! Hell the Bee Gee's even showed up! It was awesome a definate night to remember! We love u Pat! Happy Birthday!


SR404 Contemporary Art Gallery In Johnson City

Next time you are in Johnson City, TN make a stop at 404 S. Roan St. downtown and check out SR404 Contemporary Art Gallery and Stay True Tattoo. Check out their website at:


During the month of April they will have the April "Moments In Time" all photo exhibition. I have submitted 4 photographs for this showing. They will also be having a reception on Friday April 3rd...so put it on your agenda. Come by and see this amazing addition to Johnson City's downtown area.


Spring Fever Car and Tractor Show in Greeneville, TN

On Sunday Brian and I took a road trip to Greeneville, TN for the Spring Fever Car and Tractor Show. This show was of a private collection of antique cars, trucks, tractors and antique farm equipment owned by one gentleman. For this weekend only he opened the doors of the Circuit Systems building to showcase his collection. It was AMAZING!!!! This man owned enough stuff to fill up the whole factory floor. We had never seen so many antique and mostly original tractors and cars in one place. He also had some new stuff...I had 116 pics so there's no way I could share them all but here are just a few.