Happy Birthday Mom!

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I just had to send a shout out to my Mom and tell her Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it's one to remember! I love you!


Momma came to visit.

Saturday I was thrilled because my mom came down from West Virginia to visit. It was a great day. Me, Brian, Ryan, Mom, Mike, Amber, Taylor and Noah all had a nice time enjoying each other's company. We went out to eat and when we got back Mom's friend Teri and her new grandbaby Zoe were here to visit too. It was a wonderful day. I was sad to see Mom and Mike head back home. I know my hometown is only 2 hours away but sometimes I really wish my Mom were here close. Later our friend Pat came by and it was a welcomed distraction from the funk I was in after mom left. Pat brought shrimp cocktail, which he was supposed to bring on New Year's Eve but he got side tracked by a certain female companion and wasn't able to make it, but all is well...we devoured the shrimp anyway! MMMMMM! Gotta love the shrimp. Thanks Pat! The shrimp is on me next time!

Happy New Year

What else can I say about New Year's Eve 08...it was a ton of fun! Great food, fun, friends and fireworks! I especially enjoyed the games...I laughed until I thought I'd peed myself. Thanks to everyone who helped Brian and I celebrate and Happy New Year Everybody!