Tennessee Ashley & Florida Garnet

I just recently returned from a quick visit to Florida and normally I jump right on here and post all of my beach pictures and tell all about my trip.  I will do that in another post.  There was something far more special about my Florida vacation trip.  You see Florida is where one of the most important people in my entire life resides...my Mamaw Garnet.  Just look at these pictures, isn't she beautiful!!!

My Mamaw has been my very best friend from day one of this life.  I have such a great time reliving my childhood memories with her.  I can pull into her driveway & to this day I still get that excited feeling I did as a child when Mom and Dad would take me to her house to spend the night or just to visit.  Whether we were playing cards, making fudge or homemade apple pies, jumping on her beds, cutting up left over material with electric sissors, singing into a tape recorder, pretending to be news and weather reporters while she recorded us, or dressing up with her Mary Kay makeup and all of her jewelry, my sister and I always have a blast with her.  She is so full of life and young at heart.

I always feel so at home when I stay with her.  As I laid in her guest bed and looked up at the pictures on the wall of my Dad and his brother I felt as if I were 5 years old again staying at her house because those same two pictures have always hung in the guest bedroom.  As I stood in her bedroom glancing around I see the same sewing machine that I remember her letting us use when we were little.  In the kitchen there is the familiar china cabinet and table, the table that we played Rook and Rummy or Shanghi at all those years ago.  Everything about Mamaw's house brings back wonderful childhood memories.

I love being able to talk to her about everything, anything, nothing is off limits.  I can be honest or I can be silly with her.  If I were an outlaw she would be my partner in crime!  I am her biggest fan and she is mine.  I hope that everyone out there has someone this special in their lives.  The only regret I have is that Tennessee and Florida aren't neighboring states.  She is a twelve hour drive from my house but only a two hour flight so I will be visiting her again very soon.  I don't plan on ever letting too much time go by without going to see her again.

Garnet is a precious jewel...that definitely describes her in my opinion.

I love you Mamaw!!!!!