Bristol is Thinking Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

From White to Pink Bulbs for October

As you all know or should know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Ladies make sure you get those ta-tas checked.  Bristol decided to be AWESOME this year and change the Historical Bristol Sign's light bulbs from white to Pink.  You may find out more by visiting the www.realwomenpickpink.com website.

I am fortunate to be able to say that my MOM is a two time breast cancer survivor and one of my best childhood friends Kristy is a survivor as well.  Pictured above is my friend Kim, a survivor, who attended the ceremony with her mother, also a survivor.  We all know someone affected by this disease.  So of course I sponsored two of the pink bulbs in honor of my loved ones, those funds will go to more research.  After finding my honoree's names on the big banners, a touching ceremony was held inside the historic train station, while people lined both sides of State Street and Martin Luther King Blvd. there was a count down to the big reveal...A PINK BRISTOL SIGN!!!  Camera flashes went off everywhere!!  It was truly a historic moment that I will never forget.   Great job Bristol for Thinking PINK this month.


Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2012

 Elephant Revival
 Me & The Piggy
 Me & Johnny Corndawg Bassist
 Johnny Corndawg Band
 Stage Sponsors
 Showin' some Guitar Love
 Red Molly these gals bring IT!!
 Mural outside Doug & Jen's loft
 A sweet Jeep
 I want this painting of Willie Nelson
 Top Hats...LOVE!!
 This Mountain...they rocked too!!
 Me in Happy Town ;)
 Love it
 On the balcony with MY LOVE!! So Happy!!
 Brian likes it when I play guitar
 I love Miss Peaches!!
 Ryan plays some tunes at BR&RR
 Me & Jennie
 Me, Brother Doug & His Ducky ;)
 Steep Canyon Rangers
 Me & Sissy Photographers
 Night #1 at the Loft...Good times
 Love these gals ;)
 Very Appropriate Sangria
 Watching from the balcony
 The crowd below us
 Canjo love!!!
 Brian and I love this drum
 Uncle Sam Kareokes
 Brian is enjoying himself
Court & Ben with the Steeler ;)

If you have followed this blog at all you know that EVERY single year I attend the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion...this year was no exception and I must say I had THE BEST TIME YET!!!   Bristol you really outdid yourself this year.  We went for three rounds the full weekend and saw so many fantastic bands, street performers, etc...I just can't describe the experience in words.  Sending out a special thank you to Doug and Jen for being such gracious hosts at their downtown loft.  We love them!!