Njoy Pro Electronic Cigarette

Pause the music player at the right and watch this video. I just ordered mine today and can't wait to try this out. Everyone I know that has used it has been completely satisfied and actually some chain smokers my husband works with have quit smoking altogether and don't hardly ever use the e cigarette. So if you smoke as I do, you have to see this.


Check out GiftTree.com

Have you ever wanted to send someone something across the miles and get it there on the same day but didn't want to send the usual flowers from a florist or have to pay excessive expediting fees? That's the situation I found myself in this morning. You see my Mom is recovering from surgery at a hospital 2 hours away and I had already sent flowers and wanted to send something else something she could acutally get use out of. So I found the greatest website www.gifttree.com and I placed an order for a fruit basked pictured above. They guaranteed same day delivery. It was 8am when I placed the order and by 9:45 it was out for delivery and by 10am my mom had her gift looking exactly as pictured and I was told it was a huge fruit basket.

An update on Mom...her knee replacement surgery went very well yesterday, the Doc ended up doing a full knee replacement instead of a partial. When I talked to her yesterday after surgery she sounded amazingly well. Then when I called this morning my Stepfather informed me that she had a really rough night battling the pain. She was sleeping earlier when I called. He advised that the physical therapist would be in around 10am to get her up. When I called at 12pm she had been up and walked outside her room and to a chair and then back to bed and that's when she got nauseated. I was able to talk to her at that time and she sounded very groggy...of course she is on a morphine pump and pain pills as well. It was so hard for me to hear that she had a bad night. I don't want to hear that my Mom is in pain I can't stand that. I will be leaving work early tomorrow morning and making a trek up there to the hospital. I have to see her and make sure she's ok. I will be staying with her next week when her husband goes back to work. I have everyone here praying for her speedy recovery!


Baby Chicks were a big hit at Easter!!

Easter was very nice this year...we enjoyed church services Easter morning and then went by Dad's for a bit to visit, then we headed to Brian's parents house where we had a lovely dinner with Mike & Susan. After dinner Susan and Betty convinced me to take my new baby chicks down so that Mamaw (who happens to love chicks and chickens and used to raise them) could see them. So we did and she had a fit...she calls them diddles. She is almost 90 years old and can no longer raise her own but this was the next best thing. I haven't seen her that tickled in along time. She played and played with the little chicks...so did all of the kids who were there. I also enjoyed looking through her old pictures with her, Susan, Betty and Sandra and listening to Mamaw tell us who all the people were in these old black and whites. We had a delightful time. Later when we got home my sister and her family came by and Noah got his first glimpse of my new babies. He was in awe. He was so good with them and would just sit and watch them scratch and peep and eat and sleep. It was a really cool Easter Sunday!


Happy Easter...He's Alive!

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and remember HE'S ALIVE!!!!