Just some random happenings in my world this week. Jerry here at work was kind enough to share some trailcam pics of this doe and her brand new babies. If you click on the pics and enlarge them you can see them alot better...anyway...I have been slacking on putting up my deer cam lately...I need to take care of that this afternoon...I love getting the pics of the does with their little ones.

Amber, Taylor and I went for a walk near their house in Elizabethton yesterday and we stumbled across the historic cemetary there. This was yet another neat old cemetery...they had graves dating back to the Revolutionary War and a Col. in the War of 1812. The picture above is of a new headstone the city erected for the founder of Elizabethon.

The last picture...well what can I say...let me start by explaining that Brian's parents and us have purchased the house and land next to ours. It is an older house and we have a lot of work to do. Anyway...we took Whitney up to show her the inside the other day and among a few boxes of random stuff that was left behind by the previous owners we found this brand new, bright blue, fuzzy robe (this pic doesn't do the colors justice it was taken with Whit's camera phone). Whitney convinced Brian to try it on...why you ask, because we are just crazy like that! We got a big kick out of him in this ridiculous thing. Thank you Brian for entertaining us that day.


Summertime at our house.

I am declaring it officially summer time at our house! Yay! We love it...Brian catching fish on the lake, me sunning on the back of the boat, Noah floating in the pool, Ryan jamming with the band every day cause they are out of school. It's been a fun week.