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Watch this on Youtube and click LIKE...this is my son rockin' the guitar!!!  Thanks :) Tennessee Ashley


Strutin' In The Ruts Mud Bog on Facebook

Ok Mud Diggers...you can now find Strutin' In The Ruts on Facebook at this address:

My Video of Strutin' In The Ruts Mud Bog

August Struttin In The Ruts Mud Bog

Good news all of you mud boggin' junkies...our local mud bog now has a website of their own...FINALLY!!  You can find a slideshow at http://strutinintheruts.weebly.com/slideshow.html
You can also like them on Facebook.  We made it down there this evening and had a great time as always.  The price had gone up to $7 & rather than starting at 7pm they got started much later so that was a little disappointing.  John also brought back the 4 wheeler event this year where tonight he mixed it up a little and instead of the 4 wheelers doing straight passes for fastest time he made a small obstacle course for riders to try.  The spectators voted and it was unanimous that everyone liked the obstacle course the best.  The mud was soupy and deep.  I have posted a video above that you can also view on YouTube.  So Mud Diggers...get your ride, saddle up and head down to Church Hill on Saturday night and check it out.