Thirsty Thursday

Well obviously the weather is starting to change some and I can tell because when I wake up in the morning my throat is scratchy and I have to blow my nose for 5 minutes. I know...gross...but it's true...and I'm thirsty when I wake up. I don't know why I do this everytime the seasons change. I haven't done anything different inside the house...the air conditioner still kicks on from time to time but since it's cooled down at night it doesn't kick on as often. I haven't opened the windows or anything like that. We change our filter every month as well.

It's Thursday before a long holiday weekend. We are off Friday through Monday...Yippie! I can't wait to lay around and sleep late...I think Brian and I are going to go out one night on the lake, weather permitting. I think I'll round up some buddies this weekend and do something fun and maybe cookout too...Lord knows we have enough hamburger and stuff since we bought that cow...my freezers are still filled completely up. Sometimes you will open the door and frozen hamburger will jump out and fall to the ground...you have to jump back really quick and hope that it doesn't hit your toes and smash them. LOL. The downstairs freezer is full of pork from the hog that we bought. I also have plenty of canned and frozen veggies so we are ready for the winter months. The garden is starting to die out which is good in a way. I can't handle anymore veggies although I'm going to really miss those garden tomatoes...they're just so much better than what you buy at the store.

It has rained here for the last 2 days and I am in a lazy mood...I guess when the weather is nice outside it really keeps me going and I go home do house chores and then go outside to enjoy it. I love the summer. Now though it seems it's turning into fall all of a sudden and I just feel wiped out and have no desire to do anything except rest and take it easy inside.

Ryan seems to have made a change for the better this week...he had a real awakening at a church function on Sunday night and he says he really got a good feeling from it...like the Lord was speaking to him. It seems to be reflected in his actions lately too. I hope he will stay on the right track and continue to improve.

I hope everyone has a safe long Labor Day Weekend!