Snow, Snow & More Snow!!!

Wow...I woke up to 3 more inches of snow this morning! Beautiful! The only bad thing was trying to drive to work. I have to go 3 miles on a country road before I get to the main highway & it was SLICK! The county scraper trucks came thru at around 4am and scraped the roads but they did a terrible job and it kept snowing and by the time I left the house it was very scarry! I was thankful to make it to work. This area doesn't get a whole lot of snow generally so the road crews are not the best at what they do.

On Friday night we got about 2 inches and I was almost positive that they would call off Ryan's basketball game on Saturday morning but they didn't...just pushed the time back a couple of hours. Brian, Ryan and I went home afterwards and watched the Busch Race on TV. Got the surround sound hooked up to the new TV. I went by Robins house for a little while. Had a drink and talked with her then Sharon & her man showed up for a visit too. It was fun. I hadn't seen Sharon since the summer when Robin, Fred, Sharon, Ryan and I went out on the lake in Fred's boat. Sharon and Robin had a camp set up and they were really enjoying themselves. Sharon is a hoot to be around.

Yesterday we watched the latest Zorro movie...I really liked it. Then we watched The Cave and I didn't care much for it. Another scarry, sci-fi movie...just not my thing. I guess tonite we will watch "In Her Shoes".

Ryan was very happy about the additional snow this morning due mainly to the fact that they called off school and he will get to spend the day with his Mamaw Betty.

I am starting to get a little worried about my Dad. I thought he was supposed to be back from St. Maartin this weekend but I haven't heard a word from him. He usually calls or sends an email when he returns...I sent him one this morning to see if he was still gone (he takes his laptop with him)...but I still haven't gotten a response and it is now 11:30am. I guess I will pick up the phone and try to call in a little while.

My mom and stepdad were in a "Cutest Couple Contest" in their local newspaper in WVa...the idea was to get as many votes as you could each vote costing $.25. I was really hoping they would win 1st place but there were a lot of people in the contest and they had over 1000 votes but still came in 6th place. That's ok though because I found out yesterday that the top 10 couples are going to be in a special a edition where the paper is going to interview them also they win some sort of prize too. I am so happy for them. They really are the cutest couple.