Sunshine, Friends and Mud Bogging in East Tennessee!!!

Finally we got a break from all of the snow that we've been bombarded with, and slowly but surely this week the temperatures began to creep steadily upward, today we ended up somewhere in the high 50's.  All of us have cabin fever. This weekend was perfect.  We kept my 3 year old nephew Noah on Friday night and as usual everyone in our house turns into a little kid again, it's always a blast when he comes to stay the night.  He is another one who loves to play the Wii.  You should see this little guy playing those games.  He LOVES IT!!! 

With the melting snow has come some deep mud holes around our house and Brian couldn't wait to get out in his big Ford and tear it up!!  Nice action photos taken by my son Ryan.  Great work guys!  I think he's warming up for the Struttin in the Ruts mud bog in Mt. Carmel, TN, at least we are hoping that they do it again this year.