A Fabulous Christmas

This Christmas was so much fun and the Lord truly blessed us with a wonderful celebration of his birth.  Brian and I really enjoyed our families and friends this year and our house was just filled with so much love and happiness which is what it is all about.  Our favorite gifts were my new thumpin' Kenwood car stereo with Ipod connection, an Apple Ipad, Wii games, clothes, jewelry and Ryan got a really nice PA System so now we can sing and be heard around here :)  We are all just big kids.  We wrapped up the festivities by taking Brian's parents to see the movie True Grit which was a GREAT movie and then Saturday night we had a house full of our closest friends from near and far we had a blast!!!  Sunday we woke to more snow!!!  I love it and can't believe for once we are having a white Christmas in Tennessee.  It's the first I can remember in years.  I know people say they are glad to see Christmas be over but I'm not.  I believe that if you are celebrating it in the right way, that is giving all of the glory to God and rejoicing for his birth, that you will experience the true meaning of Christmas and therefore enjoy all that this very special holiday has to offer.  I can see this in all of the smiles from everyone in the pictures posted here.  Look how happy all of us are.  Thank you Jesus!