Update on YouData and my E-cigarette.

Ok...today was my first day trying out YouData and I made $4 in about 10 minutes looking at ads...the weird thing is that I actually found alot of them interesting to me and I almost ordered something from one of the sites because I liked it so much. So if you are interested in trying this out go to:


and sign yourself up...it's quick, easy and interesting...and hey...you get paid for it.

I also received my e-cigarette today and I am totally blown away by this device. It works exactly as the videos described and I let a few other long time smokers try it today and they were impressed as well. Anytime I felt the urge to smoke this afternoon I just pulled out my Njoy Npro Electronic Cigarette and puffed on it and stuck it back in my pocket. It has a hint of a tobacco taste and I was completely satisfied while (I almost said smoking it...but the truth is...you aren't smoking) inhaling and exhaling the nicotine vapor. If you smoke or have a loved one who does...let them know about this. I'll keep you posted on my progress.


I signed up for YouData

Thanks to a fellow blogger I was turned on to the YouData site. This site pays you to watch ads. I will keep you posted on how it goes. If you would like to join as well click http://www.youdata.com/join/ashkendrick

Tim Wilson Show was Hilarious!

I had the best day yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day so Brian and I headed to Lowes and bought all of the necessary items for building my chicken coop. Then we came home and were successful in getting it framed up and under roof. I enjoyed being outside doing a project in the sunshine!!! Then before we knew it some of our friends were here and we were hanging out enjoying a few cold ones. Then Brian and I got cleaned up and went to town. We enjoyed a scrumptions dinner at State Line Bar and Grille. Then we headed to the Paramount Theater for the Tim Wilson show. We had perfect seats right up front and let me tell you that I have not laughed that hard in years!!!! A comedian named Stewart Huff opened for Tim. This guy was a total riot! I didn 't think it could get more funny...then Tim came out and blew us away! Above is just an example of one of his songs. His songs are funny but if you get a chance to see his stand up show don't miss it! It's AWESOME!