Fake Facebook and Myspace pages

Who does this kind of thing? Recently a friend of mine started a facebook account after I went on and on about how much I loved the FB. I have gotten in touch with so many long lost friends and reconnected with so many people who I would have never dreamed I'd ever talk to again. I highly recommend the FB to everyone I talk to. But I'm getting off the subject. This friend noticed a friend request from someone he didn't think he knew from high school. This person who sent the request also sent one to one of his family members and a few other people he went to school with. So after asking around and looking through yearbooks they discovered that this person in fact did not attend their high school. When they asked the mysterious person who he was...the facebook account was mysteriously deleted. I also know of another person who created a fake myspace to try to lure a soon to be ex husband into saying something discriminating that she could use in court. Anyway...my question is...who the hell does this kind of thing? Someone who is desperate or mentally ill is what I think. People if you don't know someone don't add them to your Facebook or Myspace page. People who do this kind of thing and go to that kind of trouble to find out what you are doing on these pages or who you are talking to are in serious need of mental help in my opinion it's no different from stalking. For you people who do this type of thing I say if you care enough to want to know pick up the phone and call that person and ask them or send a friend request from your real identity, let them know you care, don't hide behind a fake...grow up!

Is it March already?

I cannot believe it is March already. I have really been slacking on updating my blog so I'm sending a big I'm sorry out to my regular readers. I have been busy keeping up with my teenager, my doctor appointments, home, work, friends, the CHS girls bball team, etc...and now I need to post an update.

Had a blast last weekend playing cards with Whitney and Daniel. We all went to the CHS girls bball game where the Cougars defeated the North Jefferson girls by a close margin. It was really exciting. Brittney really played her heart out. They went on to play my almamater Tennessee High and they lost that game but it's all good. They were district champs and we are proud of them! Anywho after that game we went to Whit's house and had a few cold ones...well I shouldn't say a few...I had more than a few. I actually got lit...but I still beat them at cards...hee hee. I didn't get home until 2am so I had a lot of catching up to do on sleep Saturday.

Got to visit with my sis over the weekend. Noah is growing like a weed. He is very good at saying my name now. I love it!

I made Amber a sisters video it turned out great. I just took old pics of us growing up and set it to music. She cried when she watched it. I love doing these videos. I guess that's my new hobby.

Went to Cheryl's house last week too, she made me lunch. She is on this new gluten free, msg free, diet and I was wondering what we'd end up eating but she prepared the most scrumptious meal ever. It was yummy. I can't seem to convince her to open a healthy restaurant in our town though...we really do need something like that. So anyway...if you are considering a gluten free diet go for it. Your food won't lack in taste at all.

I have already ordered Cheryl and Whitney's birthday presents and I'm looking forward to celebrating with them this year.

Gigi's dog had puppies...seven of them. They are sooooooooo cute. I wish I could have another dog but I just couldn't handle more responsibility. I am trying to get rid of responsibility at this point in my life. The easier the better. So I'll just keep my little happy jack and stick with that. But if anyone is interested in boxer puppies comment and I will get you in touch with her. They are AKC registered and will be ready in April. She also has a live website where you can watch them all day long. Now that's cool!

I wish the economy would rebound but I'm afraid that won't be happening this year. We had a scarry day on Monday. My hubby's employer laid off 50 people...thank goodness he wasn't one of them. They really were over staffed though.

Our buddy Pat came by Sunday and watched the Vegas race with us. He brought me the coolest moonshine jug with the handle and everything. Thanks Pat! Love it! He and I are throwing around ideas for a neat party this summer. Stay tuned for updates on that.

They are calling for warmer temps this weekend and man am I ready. This has been the coldest winter I remember in a long long time. Bring on the sunshine!

My son turns 16 next Saturday. Hard to believe it's been sixteen years. Wow!