I love going home! WVa trip.

This weekend we went back to WVa for the Lilly Family Reunion...it's an annual event and this year they were going for the Guiness Book of World Records...not sure yet if we made it or not but I hope so. Dad took the RV up and Friday night we ate dinner with all of the clan and explored the Reunion grounds. Then later that night we went to mom's house for a visit then we took off and went to a place I hadn't been since I was about 6 years old. To the Beckley Motor Speedway and we watched the dirt track racing...it was AWESOME! On Saturday morning we met up with Dad again and he took us on a long trek through the winding mountain roads down to the original site of the town where our ancestors came from. It was a beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere alongside the area where the Little Bluestone River meets the Bluestone River. He told us where the post office used to stand, where the gravesites were, etc...it was very interesting. After that we made our way back up the mountain and down again into one of my favorite towns in WVa...Hinton. I love going to the Dairy Queen there. You can sit and eat while watching the river flow by. A wonderful experience. On the way home I drove the guys back thru Bluestone State Park and Pipestem State Park places we used to spend alot of time when I was a little girl. It was a very special trip and one I'll not soon forget.