Politics Again.

Check out this story from the Nashville Newspaper:


Picture fun


I've been very productive today...can you tell...I made two of these fun images. I just love playing with pictures. Just had to share these.


Finally SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning as I peered out the window I was pleasantly surprised to see it finally snowed! It is absolutely beautiful outside and the snow is still coming down. It is a winter wonderland outside and I hope it keeps it up all day. Ryan and I have the day off and I am grateful that we get to stay home and enjoy this gift mother nature has finally blessed us with.


Weekend TV

Well this weekend was too cold to do anything but stay inside and watch TV. Brian, Ryan and I are loyal watchers of the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction...we watch it every year...this year being no exception. I was curious. Could anyone possibly be willing to spend as much money as they have in the past on collectible cars? With the economy in the shape that it is would there be enough rich people left to dole out ridiculous amounts of money for a car that is only going to sit around in their garage and possibly be driven once a year? The answer is yes...there are still rich people out there who want a collectible car...but...and that is with a big BUT...they were not willing to dole out as much money as they have in the past. Bidders were very conservative in their bidding. Welcome to 2009. I was however very impressed with the amount of money that was raised for various charities. For instance the Darryl Gwinn Foundation raised a lot of money auctioning off cars to be able to provide children with power wheelchairs, Hendrick was able to raise a lot of money for Bone Marrow Transplant Organizations, and the list goes on. Of course as usual Ron Pratt was the big dog in the race he purchased a Ford Triplane for over a million dollars then moments later donated money to one of the charitable organizations. It's always interesting to watch Spanky Assiter do the auctioneering and his wife Amy work the crowd. I personally love the fantasy bidding which you can do online through Speedtv.com. Its fun to see if you can guess how much the Fantasy Bidding cars are going to go for and go up against others in the US for prizes. We came close on a few but still no big prize for us...maybe next time. Stay tuned.