Happy Birthday Ed

I just wanted to give a shout out to my brother-in-law James Edward Holsclaw "ED" who is turning 50 years young today!!! Happy Birthday Ed!!!


Kitchen Renovation Complete!!!!

Ok...after 2 weeks of non-stop work by Brian, myself, Junior, Daniel, John and Joe the floor guy we finally completed the overhaul of the kitchen. This was a wonderful birthday present for me because I always hated the way my kitchen looked and the old appliances. This was no easy task because as most of you know when redoing anything in an old house...nothing is square and you always run into something unexpected...but we did it! Just a few finishing touches and we're done! We installed a new overhead light, painted the ceiling, installed lights under the cabinets and over the sink, got a new sink, ripped up the old floors and put new down, cut bead board and installed it behind the new countertops for a backsplash and ran it all the way around the room half way up the wall, painted, painted and painted, then installed all new appliances...cut the cabinets for the dishwasher (yes!!! I now have a dishwasher), also cut the cabinets above the refrigerator because the new one is taller, new microwave and stove, new trim and crown moulding all around. I love it! What a difference it made in my kitchen! Thanks to my friends who helped and thanks to a lot of Budweiser.