Enough cold already!!!!

I am sooooooooooo ready for spring! Enough of this drastically cold bone chilling weather I say. It's too cold to even walk the dog down to the woods, too cold to go out and get in the car and drive, too cold to even go out and get wood in for the fire. If it's going to be this cold it should at least snow or something. Our power kicked off and back on over 20 times last night. I should call the electric company and tell them that I don't want to pay for the time that the power was off. I don't know why it kept kicking off other than possibly they were so overloaded on demand that they couldn't keep up. Thank goodness for the fireplace...at least I am able to keep the heat turned down to a normal level when it gets down to zero. I hope everyone is keeping warm...bundle up baby!!!!


Disgusted by Politics As Usual

I am sorely disappointed by the latest news from Nashville concerning my friend and State Representative Jason Mumpower. If anyone deserved the House speakership it was he. Jason goes above and beyond the call of duty and in my eyes he is the only deserving person for that position. I am proud to have Jason as my representive and I know that in time he will take his rightful place at the capitol. Kent Williams is a disgrace and no doubt karma will catch up with him.



Funny Pictures, Images and Photos

After a weekend of feeling really low on energy, short of breath, and generally anxious I have come to the conclusion that it is time...time to get back on the exercise path, change my diet, and get back to my healthy self. There's no time like the new year to start this regiment...I have already cut back on smoking and am sure that I will be wanting to eat more because of that. So I am going to buy tons of healthy snacks and meals to munch on, and try not to purchase any sugary drinks. I am sure that the guys are going to hate it but it will be for their own good as well. I am not going to say my goal is to loose weight...I have never been one to pay attention to weight or a scale. I just vow to get healthy. Guess I'll go visit Cheryl at Gwen's Herb Shop today and get some herbal supplements as well. Wish me luck!

Some exciting news on the homefront though. I was talking to my little nephew Noah on the phone yesterday and he finally said my name! My name is very hard for most little ones to say but he finally got it out there. I was so excited I started to cry! He's a sweetheart! Anyway...good job Noah Aunt Ashley is proud of you.