Finally a REAL snow storm!!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! Brian and I have really had fun playing in the snow. It reminds me of the winter days growing up in West Virginia and I become a child again when it snows like this. The snow started really coming down on Friday and by the time I got home from work it was starting to get really treacherous on the roads. Brian and I snuggled up on the couch and watched the beautiful work of mother nature at her finest. When we awoke on Saturday morning we were so excited to see the final results. So we got out as soon as we could to ride the four wheeler then fire up the Xterra and ride around the local roads and take pictures. It was wild. Cars were off the road EVERYWHERE!!! Oh yes!! We also went to see the movie AVATAR in 3D...it was AWESOME!!! A must see movie. We finished up our Christmas shopping and continued to play all weekend. I've had a blast and now I am definately in the Christmas mood.


It's time for Santa Claus

We had a lot of fun with friends and Santa Claus (aka Pat Prillhart) last night. Merry Christmas everyone!


Omg i am n the dentist office waiting area and theres a woman who keeps chomping smacking and popping her bubble gum i want to smack her. Ugh!


My Halloween Party was full of fun!!!

We had a great Halloween party this year. I made my house spooky, had finger foods and invited my closest friends. It was a blast!!! Already thinking about what to do next year.


Fall Festival 2009

Our family's church Fall Festival 2009 was a huge hit once again. A great time was had by all. From the games, to the hayrides, the food and fellowship, and the biscuits on a stick around the bonfire, then the grand finale the Haunted Barn. It was once again amazing!! Bravo to all of the church members who put on a great show.


Ashley get's a promotion!!! YAY!

FYI...I just had to update everyone on my latest good fortune. I got a promotion at work. I am now full time but I still have great hours...I'm home by 3:45 pm everyday. I got a generous pay increase, salary, vacation package, insurance, etc... I am now the EMR Accounts Administrator and the Production Control Mgr. for the Machinery Components Division and I'm very excited about my new responsibilities.


Rhythm and Roots 2009

Rhythm and Roots rolled into our town with so many fun things to do and concerts to see. Saturday morning, still basking in our glory from winning in the photo contest, Cheri and I did the 2 mile walk. It was a great way to start off the morning. My sister in law, Jennie, did the walk with us while my brother Doug did the 5k race. Later on that day Amber, Ed, Noah, and my clan headed out to go through main street and visit all of the vendors and see all of the many concerts that we possibly could. Brian and I ended up on our own Saturday night and the mood got even more exciting downtown as the night went on. I had the most awesome time there. There are so many amazing things to see and do and if you love music and you have the opportunity make sure you put Rhythm and Roots on your list of things to do.