Pat's Awesome Jeep Sahara

Congratulations to our friend Pat on his latest purchase. It is a sweet ride! We all absolutely love it...this thing has some power too! We got to take it for a spin. What a fun vehicle. Ok Pat...now we're jealous :)


Loving the sun and my pool!


Revengeful people.

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” ~Confucius

Revenge is defined as harm done to someone as a punishment for harm that they have done to you. When engaging in revengeful activity, in thought or deed, one takes on the responsibility for punishing another or others who, one feels, deserves just punishment for "making me feel bad, or wrong or deficient" in some way, shape or form. The bottom line is that acting on feelings of revenge can become dangerous. For many, revenge is like a drug, an addiction, the more one experiences it, they more they want to, and need to, experience it. So, initially, one needs to exact revenge on this individual, then that one, then this group and then that group in order to maintain the sense of feeling safe, secure and satisfied. So, unable to experience a true and real feeling of peace and security from inside, their addiction continues to tug at them; it's never ending; it's progressive, not unlike the drug, food, alcohol, or sex addict, who needs to score one more fix, and then another, and another to experience satisfaction or pleasure, while hiding and denying their deeper fears and insecurities that continue to live, fester and grow inside. For many, revenge becomes a way of life at work, at home, and in relationships. A lifelong self-sabotaging, self-limiting obsession.

Noah mows the yard

Today I mowed the yard and Noah came by to help his Aunt Ashley. He loved riding around the yard. You couldn't wipe the grin off of his face. Uncle Brian came home and he even drove him around. It was great. I just had to preserve this moment.

Amber's Birthday Dinner

Amber Jane had a great 34th birthday...we grilled out on the back deck at her house and even Dad dropped by for some yummy food and cake. She loved the pool I bought her and the big Amish star. She also got several cards and some money, a coffee pot, some lotions, body sprays, and I made her a nice picture book of our trip this summer. I think she really enjoyed her special day.

On the way home we spotted some deer just down the road from the house...Brian is getting the hunting bug again...I know what you are thinking...it's way too early but not for the serious hunter. Right now he's thinking food plots, he's entered his party in for the quota hunts, and I am pretty sure the trail cams will be coming back out of hiding soon and probably an archery target as well. Look out deer!


Happy Birthday Amber!!!

Yet another birthday to celebrate in the month of July...my little sissy turns 34 today! We will be going to her house for a cookout this evening and I am really excited about giving her birthday presents to her. Love you sissy...Happy Birthday!