Camping in the yard!

Last night was a blast! Amber and I decided to try our new tents out and test Noah to see if he would be a good tent camper. So we set up camp in my backyard. We never dreamed it would be so much fun. We grilled out, had a bonfire, and then friends came by and we sat around the fire listening to Ryan, Amber, Doug, and Tim play the guitars and sing. Noah did GREAT...he loved sleeping in his big tent. We are definately ready to load up next time and head out to the lake.


Hey Pat we are ready now!

In this post I'd like to thank Ed and Amber for getting us our new tent so that we can all go camping soon. I'd also like to send a shout out to one of our best buddies Pat P. to let him know that "We are ready for the next camping trip in Rogersville! Yay!" Bring it on buddy!

Mamaw turns 90 years young.

Sunday brought more fun when we went to help Brian's grandmother celebrate her 90th Birthday. It was a great cookout despite the fact that there was a little bit of drizzle thankfully the church had let us borrow their tents and they worked perfectly. It didn't dampen anyone's spirits. We enjoyed seeing some of Brian's family who we hadn't seen in quite awhile. Everyone enjoyed getting their family pictures taken with Mamaw and the food and fellowship couldn't be better. Happy 90th Mamaw...we love you!

4th of July was a blast

We enjoyed an awesome 4th of July this year. Brian and I started off our day by sitting by the pool in the morning just talking and watching the birds and the water. Then Brian and Ryan decided to drive Brian's Dad's old car in the annual 4th of July parade. So they sprayed it off, found a flag and put it in the back and they headed out to get in line. I loaded up my camera and headed out to meet my friends so we could all enjoy the festivities and I could get a good spot to take pics. The parade was great this year and I've never seen so many people show up for it before. After the parade we headed to Whitney's house for the big cookout and fireworks party. We had a great time playing horseshoes, badminton, partaking of good food and socializing with friends. After the sun went down the fireworks started and I have to say that my husband really out did himself this year. He had an unbelievable array of fireworks and Whitney even put on her own show with the Roman candles. It was a 4th of July to remember for sure.

Noah's First Trip to the Zoo

Friday was a very exciting day. We got up early and headed to Knoxville to meet up with Amber, Ed, Taylor and Noah for his very first trip to the zoo. I couldn't wait to see Noah's reaction to the animals because he loves them. The weather was perfect and everyone had a blast. Taylor even rode the camels. I especially enjoyed the new baby chimp "George"...he was soooooo cute! We all enjoyed riding the carousel in the kids corner the newest part of the zoo. It was definately a time to remember.