Coming Soon!!!

Just an update today on Ryan. He has now been in school exactly one month...he has spent a week of that month in ISS off and on for one thing or another. He just got out of it yesterday and the phone rang again this morning and it was his Vice Principal who I'm on a first name basis with now..."Kim"...anyway...seems he's gonna get 3 more days...and if that doesn't work...he's off to alternative school. WAY TO GO RYAN!!!! Here's a pic of Ryan and his haircut.


Thanks Whitney

Had to share this that Whitney sent me on myspace and I just loved it! Thanks girlfriend! Right backatcha:


Just had to post a link to this article that a friend sent me yesterday...it is very interesting reading and good advice from an old Hippie!


Today has been unusually busy at work and I love it! Makes the day go by so much faster...we have been slow slow slow here for the past 2 months it seems. You know the economy is really in a slump if we slow down here. My boss is on vacation this week so the office is extra quiet. Looks like the sun is coming up outside the office here which means I should be able to enjoy another evening by the pool. YAY!

I forgot about my review of the movies we watched over the weekend...Please do not waste your money by renting "Meet the Spartans" it was terrible. We really enjoyed "What Happens in Vegas..." loved Cameron Diaz and Aston Kutcher in this one...really cute. We also loved "Witless Protection" with Larry the Cable Guy...it was one of his better movies. "The Scorpion King II" was so so...not as good as the first one but sequels usually aren't.

Wanted to also say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Mom and Mike!!! 14 years! Way to go...they are still very much in love and right now traveling to unknown areas to celebrate their marriage. Love you guys! Ashley


Labor Day

Labor Day 2008 was alot of fun. We held a cookout here at the house and I swear I've never laughed so much in my life! My stomach hurt from laughing so much. Brian grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, I had potato salad, brown beans, watermelon, corn on the cob, and lemon merangue pie.

I guess this is a definite sign that summer is coming to a close although they are saying it's gonna be hot hot hot the rest of this week. I hope so because I wanna spend as much time by the pool as possible before I have to close it. Also last night the Vol's played their season opener against UCLA...I was all jacked up for the first game but unfortunately we lost in OT by a field goal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that UT will have a great season this year. Go BIG ORANGE!!!


Summer Mountain Trip

What a beautiful day in the mountains!!! Brian and I took off with Rascal and headed to higher elevations. It was an awesome drive and we ended up at our favorite spot by the lake. South Holston is extremely low right now. All of the mountain streams were dry...it was a big reminder of the drought we are currently in. We saw a deer and several people up there riding on horseback. Rascal enjoyed the water and the ride. On the way back we made a stop along the river...it was a beautiful day.

Baby Deer

I just had to share these pics of our baby deer. We've caught a couple of glimpses of them since mid summer but this is the first time I've caught them on the trail cam. Aren't they just sweet with their little white spots? I am really happy that they've survived this long...I know it's dangerous for them crossing the road to get to our patch of woods but the momma jumped out in front of Brian crossing the road the other day and the little babies just waited until he stopped and they cautiously looked at him until they knew it was safe to cross then they took their leap. All made it safely into the corn patch up the road. Momma has trained them well. Good luck little babies!