My Big Christmas Present!!

Merry Christmas to me!!!  My hubby is the greatest, he gave me an early Christmas present...it's the new living room furniture I've been wanting!!  Yay!!  It's fun furniture with some style.  I love the little round retro chair that spins and it's oh so comfy.  Thank you Brian Kendrick this is one of my favorite Christmas presents ever!!


5th Generation

With the addition of Braxton Jaydon Kasey to the family also brought the first of Mamaw's Great great grandchildren.  This in my opinion is a HUGE deal.  Not many families get to see something this special and I felt privileged to be asked to take pictures of this precious family event.  Congratulations to Mrs. Fugate, her beautiful family, and having five generations to be so proud of. 


Welcome to the Family Braxton Davis!!

Seems like just yesterday I met this beautiful long haired little 2 year old girl named Brittany, when actually it was 19 years ago.  This week she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Braxton.  We made a trip up to the hospital to meet him in person and he is absolutely beautiful.  Congratulations to Brittany and Matt!!


Annual Fall Festival

Ahhh yes...the leaves are changing color, the winds are picking up, it's turning cooler at night...that can only mean one thing, it's time for the Annual Kendrick Fall Festival!!!  This year was just as successful as the 12 years past, we had hayrides, boat races, wedding vow renewals, bingo, cake walks, a raffle, bobbing for apples, pumpkin tosses, games and more games, live music, the barn was decorated to the MAX, tons of food, fun and fellowship with our friends, loved ones and our church family.  Thank you Lord for blessing us once again this year with beautiful weather.  


Rhythm & Roots from Doug's loft!!

 Brother Doug & Sister Jen's Downtown Loft
 The Perfect View 
 Checkin' out State Street Festivities
 I love sittin' in the loft window
 Brian loves Peaches!!
 Me & Jenny
Jenny & Doug's baby Peaches all smiles!!

 Showin' some bootie :)
 All the fun ladies!!
Ready for some R&R (Rhythm & Roots)
I love this time of year for two reasons, the changing of the colorful leaves and Rhythm and Roots!!  This year it was even more fabulous because Jen & Doug have a loft apartment looking right down on Main St.  They are always the most gracious hosts and they showed us all a wonderful time.  You can actually look out the window and see the main stage where all of the big bands play.  Brian and I always visit the Borderline Billiards Stage as well...this year it was one of my FAVES playing there on Saturday night...Big Daddy Love!  They rocked the stage, we danced until I couldn't feel my legs anymore.  Too much fun!  I am looking forward to doing it again next year.  One day I will have a loft like this, crossing my fingers.


It's Football Time In Tennessee!!

Yes it's that time again...football time in Tennessee!!  To kick off the season we celebrated by having a UT Football themed dinner at church.  Vivian did her decorating magic once again.  Ryan pitched in to help with that & Brian and Doug cooked up some marvelous food on the grill.  We are so blessed to have such a fun loving group of brothers and sisters in Christ.