Sweet Potato Girls

Friday night was great! I headed up to A-town to hook up with Charity and Shawn for girls night. I had no problem finding Charity's house and when she met me at the door I realized that she hadn't changed one bit since high school. She has a beautiful family and her home was magnificent and right on the lake. Her hubby is currently serving in Iraq and she's just moved back here because he should get to retire from the military soon. Not long after I arrived Shawn showed up and she hadn't changed either. These two girls are just beautiful people inside and out. We enjoyed sitting out on the deck, enjoying some cold ones and catching up on everyone from AHS. We laughed, drank and reminisced for 6 hours and then unfortunately I had to make the trek home to B-town. Can't wait to do it again. Thanks girls! I had a blast!

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