Congratulations Taylor!!! Aunt Ashley is Proud!

This is a picture of my neice Taylor who came in first place at her Middle School Spelling Bee...she went on to the County Spelling Bee last night where she made it through 5 extremely difficult rounds. She is #16 on the stage in this picture. She ended up 9th in this bee. I am so proud of her! Congrats Taylor!!!! Keep up the good work!

My Brother-in-law in the Snow

I just had to share this picture of my Brother-in-law in the snow up in Roan Mountain where he & my sister live. They have been dumped on this winter several times but this is my favorite picture. Enjoy.


Slow Weekend

Well it's Monday again. I hope this week at work goes by faster than last week did. Last week things were really slow here at the office. I like it better when I am really busy and the time goes by fast. The weekend was much the same.

Friday night we went to Fred's house to draw on the race pool...I ended up with Tony Stewart & Greg Biffle (both of them led much of the race only to blow up at the end)...Brian had Jeff Gordan who didn't do much better. I am in a NASCAR slump when it comes to the race pools this year so far. I hope things turn around quick. Saturday morning we got up and went to Ryan's basketball game...they led most of the game and lost by one point at the end(That's him with the ball in the picture). It was a good close game though...fun to watch. Saturday night Ryan went with his Grandparents to the Carter Fold to listen to the bluegrass music and dance. Ryan hooked up with some girl who was 18yrs old...he told her he was in High School...She had to have known he was full of it. Ha ha. He is a character. Brian and I went out for dinner and drinks and then went shopping at the mall. Sunday morning we laid around in bed until after lunch...it felt good.

That's about it...Oh yeah...my mom & stepdad made the newspaper in WV over the weekend. They finished in the top 10 in the cutest couple contest & the news reporter did a story on them. It turned out really good. I am proud of them.

I guess my Dad & stepmom will be getting back from St. Martin today. I hope they bring some warm weather back with them.