Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I can't believe it has been since July that I last updated my blogger page. Alot has happened since then. In August Taylor turned 14, we had a nice party at my sister's house. In October Noah enjoyed his first Halloween that he could actually go trick or treating. My sister dressed him up as a monkey...it was the cutest costume I've ever seen (see picture above). Not long after that Brian killed his first buck...he was so happy. He's spent 2 years trying and finally got one. Congrats to Brian! (See pic above) Hunting season ends today and I am glad. Now maybe I will see him more on the weekends and evenings after work.

I had a nice Thanksgiving year. It was a lot of fun. Christmas was wonderful! I bought Brian a laser range finder and some clothes, Ryan got a huge new Marshall fullstack amp and he is rattling the windows with it. He got a lot of other nice gifts as well. I got a new digital camera, a new slow cooker, a digital picture frame, clothes, jewelry and money. Loved everything. We spent Christmas Eve at my Mother & Father-in-law's house and then my Dad's.

Brian and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve. This year I bought him a scope for his muzzleloader. He loved it! We went out to eat and spent the evening at home watching the ball drop and letting off fireworks. This was the first year we hadn't had a big party or went to one. It was nice just to have some quiet time alone.