So Proud of My Son & My Niece!!!

What a special weekend!! I have never been so proud of two teenagers in my entire life.  Both of whom have faced tremendous struggles and are overcoming them with grace and dignity.  My niece Taylor invited me to her ROTC meet on Saturday and I have to say I had no idea what it was about.  I was amazed by the discipline of these amazing young people.  They went through their drills with such detail and intense precision.  I am so proud of her for joining this program and sticking with it.  My hope for Taylor is that she will follow her dream of joining the military and furthering her education.

On Sunday I was so excited because Law & Grace our Sheriff's musical group were paying a visit to our church.  I had heard them before and was blown away by their amazing sound and how all of the members were law enforcement officers who are dedicated to using their music to bring people to know the Lord Jesus Christ.  On this night I was so proud once again because the Sheriff extended an invitation to my son Ryan to perform a song with them.  Ryan gladly accepted and joined the officers on stage for an instrumental performance of Amazing Grace.  I was once again in awe at the obstacles a teen can overcome and how GREAT God is!  I am so proud of my son and my niece Taylor.  Bravo kids!!!