Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert

All I can say after last night is WOW! We went to the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert over in Boone, NC at the Appalachian State University campus. It was a beautiful ride over the mountains and Ryan had no idea what was going on...we just told him we were going for a ride in the mountains. When we got to ASU and parked in the event parking garage Ryan asked us what event we were going to and we told him a monster truck rally...he just said oh...then when we got into the building and he realized we were at a Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert he was ecstatic!

A group called Mountain Heart opened for them and they are awesome! If you haven't heard their music you should. A little bit of bluegrass mixed with some southern rock and they wore it out! We all loved it.

Then it was time...time for Ryan's ultimate experience...Lynyrd Skynyrd...he yelled, screamed, danced, sang and played the air guitar for 2 hours. They played everything and put on an unforgettable show. Ryan said it was the greatest thing he had ever seen in his life!

When it was over he was so worn out from the excitement that he passed out in the backseat for the hour and a half ride over the mountains back to the house. When we got home he said he'd never forget it as long as he lived.

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