Reflections of Summer

It was extremely chilly when I got in the Xterra for the 10 minute drive into downtown B-town to work this morning. I started thinking to myself again about how summer is over and this coming Monday is the official First Day of Autumn. It made me decide to reflect on the summer today in my blog to see what I can recall from memory. So let's see...I consider May to be the beginning of summer mainly because Ryan gets out of school then...so I'll start there.

Wow the first part of May was crazy with the opening of the pool and the kitchen renovation. Brian and I put in a lot of long hard hours remodeling that room. We learned who our "Real" friends are during this process too...a handful of people came by to help us almost everyday without even being asked. We had a lot of fun with them. I turned 35 years young in May and at the end of the month we headed to Daytona for our summer vacation. It was a blast. We really enjoyed being back at our favorite beach and enjoying time with family.

May was also when I discovered the joys of myspace, and facebook. I have made contact with so many long lost friends from high school. I love it. As a matter of fact today I am getting together with 2 girlfriends that I haven't seen in probably 17 or 18 years, Charity and Shawna. We are going to have girls night. I also salvaged a relationship with a former close friend and I am thankful for that. Back to the subject at hand...I love seeing how everyone has changed, finding out what they are doing now, reminscing and rekindling old friendships.

Later in June we went camping in Pigeon Forge. We love camping in Dad's RV...It's so nice and the the campground was as well. We enjoyed the river and each other. It was a nice get away. We also spent alot of time on our boat as a family. We all enjoy the peaceful days on the lake riding around and fishing.

July started off with a bang and ended that way too. July 4th was a blast. I enjoyed the holiday with friends (Whitney, Daniel, Christy, GW, Jimmy, Ed, Amber, etc...)around the house, we laughed, cooked out, drank beer, went to the parade and had spectacular fireworks displays every night that weekend. It was a hoot. July is also the month of endless birthdays and more boat rides! At the end of that month the big bang went off when I lost someone I thought was a friend closest to me. I won't elaborate any further on that situation in order to protect the guilty...lets just say that my eyes were forced open by the experience, and I learned from it. Again I won't elaborate on what I learned so as I don't offend anyone. Ok enough reflecting on that ugly subject. The last weekend of the month of July is when Brian won 1st Place in the local Mud Bog! WE had so much fun that night, again with our closest friends.

August completely wore me out...too much fun!!! Every time I turned around we were into something. Whether it was plugging watermelons with Whit, or cooking out at their place, or partying with Pete from WVa and going to the races with him, partying at the August Nascar Races in the Edwards suite, or Pat K's baby boy being born, or learning to can the endless veggies that came from our garden this year, or just chillin' on the porch shootin' the breeze and enjoying a cold one with Bob. (That name has been changed to protect the innocent)...and more and more boat rides and laying by the pool. Oh yes and Ryan starting back to school.

Our Labor Day weekend was fun but also the reminder that summer is now over. The days are getting shorter, leaves are starting to fall, and I have to wear a jacket again as I head off to work in the dark and early mornings. OH well...goodbye to Summer 2008...I'll never forget it...it was fun, exciting and shocking at times but at the same time it was great!

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