Doe Party

Ok...this is one of the craziest pics I have ever taken...actually I got this one off of my deer cam in the woods beside our house. I have been watching these does for awhile but last night they really got crazy. There were 5 in all that showed up and I swear it looks like they were dancing. In one picture I actually got a rabbit in with them that showed up for the party too. I love the deer cam.
Well it is almost Christmas...I am off for the next 5 days but I am still fighting this cold and cough. I wish it would go away. I will write more after the holiday.


1 Year Anniversary of My Blog

It just dawned on me that it has now been 1 year since I started my blog...almost to the day! So Happy Anniversary Blogger!
Me at work.

It's been awhile

Can you believe it has been this long since I last posted to my blog. I have been a busy girl. A lot has happened but too much to mention everything. Let's see...

Thanksgiving was great! Amber, Ed, Noah, Brian, Ryan & myself, Robin, Mike & Susan all gathered at Brian's parent's house for dinner. It was a perfect day in the 70's outside. Everyone had fun listening to Ryan play the guitar and playing with Noah in his walker.

Noah is growing so fast and so is Ryan's hair as you can see in the picture below. Noah is crawling now and is ready for Santa Clause to bring him lots of goodies for Christmas since he's such a good boy.

Ryan is doing better in school as far as not getting into trouble but his grades could still improve. He is going to tutoring every day and continues to go to counseling to help deal with the things that teens have to deal with in school these days. It is a huge help...he has made a complete turn around. Now I can sleep again at night. He is going to church regularly also. We are proud of him right now. He still spends his time playing the guitar...he plays by ear like my sister and it is amazing the talent he has.

Little Noah was put in the hospital this week for Viral Pneumonia...gave us all quite a scare but he has bounced back wonderfully due to the breathing treatments and steroids they administered in the hospital and of course due to the good Lord answering the prayers of so many people who were praying for the Little Guy to get better.

I am all ready for Christmas...all the presents are wrapped and under the tree. I am proud of myself this year I think I got everyone something that they will really like! I started early and didn't take the easy way out buy getting gift certificates.

Brian is still the most wonderful husband a girl could ever ask for. I am a lucky woman!

Merry Christmas to all!


West Virginia trip & new bed!

Sorry I haven't updated lately...time has really gotten away from me. Let's see what has happened that is interesting. Ryan started back to school...he is in the 8th grade this year...last year of Middle School...it got off to a rocky start but seems to be improving. I hope this year is better for him than last year was. He is still playing the guitar & has grown his hair out. I think it is getting to shaggy but he loves it.

Amber and I took Noah on a trip to our hometown in WVa to see his Grandma Essie for the first time and to visit with his Grandma Garnet & Papaw Charlie who were also in town from Florida...it was the best trip ever! Noah was a good little traveler. I have included some pics of that trip including one of Amber infront of the sign for Ashley Heights which was the neighborhood that we grew up in (named after me) and of the house we lived in.

Noah will be 5 month's old tomorrow...it's so hard to believe. He is the happiest little guy I have ever seen. I bought him a Halloween outfit (a football player)...it looks sooooooooo cute on him. He loves wearing the helmet.

I bought a new king sized sleigh bed off of Brian's cousin for $400. I stole it actually. It is solid wood, hand carved, I even got the Egyptian Cotton sheets, & comforter & shams to match. I love it! Brian and I have slept better than we have in years.
Check out the pics.


Pics of my flowers at Home

I have had the best luck with my garden and my flowers this year. I just wanted to remember them forever because before long they will be fading away until next year.

Noah is 3 months old now...

Our little Noah is now over 3 months old...he is changing soooooooooooo much...every few days he does something new or different. He is really starting to fill out now. This black and white picture is the newest one of him I have...the others are from July. Check these out. He's a ham!

July flew by!!!

Wow...I have no idea where the month of July went. Well...yes I do. It was the month of picnics and birthdays. Brian's birthday, Amber's birthday, my Dad's birthday, my brother got married, you name it and it happened in July. Hell we are half way thru August now. Ryan went back to school August 7th. We are praying he will have a better year than the last. I guess it's true...time flies when you're having fun!

I will try to sum things up. After July 4th my youngest step-brother got married. It was a beautiful ceremony & and awesome reception (best party I've been to in a long time). It was wonderful because my Grandmother who lives in Florida & her husband Charlie came up so did my Uncle Danny who I haven't seen in years. I loved having them all here. Father's Day I had them over to the house for a cookout. Brian's birthday was fun also...everyone came over for a cookout and swimming and he got a new hammock & a new helmet among other things. Then Amber turned 31 and we had yet another cookout and party for her. She got clothes, jewelry, a massage gift certificate which she had a fit over and an umbrella table set which thrilled her to no end. She had a GREAT birthday. Noah is growing up so fast! I will send pics of him in my next post.


4th of July Weekend

4th of July weekend was a blast! Brian and I both had 4 days off to do nothing! We had friends over everyday...I was in the pool most of the time. We went to the 4th of July Parade...pictured above...Brian and I sitting watching the parade. We had cookouts...also pictured above...Brian also killed a groundhog! Woohoo! Ha ha! Last night Brian put on his annual fireworks extravaganza...they were beautiful...everyone came over to watch...he loves the attention.

Little Noah turns 2 months old today! Ryan and I are going to take some cake and a little present to him. He is changing sooooooooo much...everyday he changes. He is now starting to smile when you play with him. It is so precious!

Happy 4th of July everybody!


Noah is 1 month old!

Isn't he just the cutest little 1 month old you have ever seen!!!? He is sooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet. I cannot believe that it has already been a month since we were at the hospital and my sister gave birth to this bundle of joy. He is a hungry little monster. He wants to eat eat eat...he has to get that from me and Amber. Ha ha.
He has now moved to his new home and we have set up his new nursery. It is as cute as a button. I am so happy that they live closer now. I can see them whenever I get the urge. Yeah!!!
I am going to spoil the heck out of this kid for the rest of his days. I have already spoiled my son. He is enjoying his summer out of school, helping his grandfather with his business and hanging out with his grandma betty. The weather has been a little cool here for the past couple of days...I am ready for it to get hot again. I want to spend more time in the pool. Later!


My 33rd Bday!!!!!

My 33rd Bday rocked!!!!!!!!! My sister got me a gold bracelet & limo!!!! My hubby got me a massage gift certificate, my in laws got me some beautiful jewelry, and we all loaded up and went to eat dinner at Smokey Bones in Johnson City. It was fabulous. When we got back we all hung out around the pool and had a big time. My neighbor came down, and Michelle & Renee dropped by. It was a party to remember! Thanks everybody for a wonderful memory.


The World Outside

This is what the world outside looked like the week that Noah was born. All of the rhodies were in bloom up on the mountain. All different colors, shapes and sizes. The butterflies were loving the nice weather. Noah's Daddy went out in the fields and picked a ton of the different flowers and put huge bouquets all over the house for Noah's mommy to enjoy. It was very sweet. Check it out.

We Have A Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't written in awhile....the whole world stopped turning on May 5th, 2006. A little angel was born at 12:57pm weighing in at 5lbs 8oz and 18 inches long. He is the cutest little guy you will ever see. Mom and Dad were so proud!!! Aunt Ashley was estatic! It was worth all the waiting and anticipation.

I have a ton of pictures to share but I guess for now I will just publish these for your viewing pleasure.

Welcome to the World...Noah!


Ed's B-day

Well this weekend my brother in law turned 49! It was a nice weekend. He and my sister came by on Friday evening...he opened the presents we bought (a new grill and a filet knife kit). I think he liked them. Then on Saturday we drove up to their place to take Amber's daughter up for her weekend with her mom. It was nice...Amber and I put Ed's grill together while the guys fished.

Then Ed figured out that Amber had gotten his satellite radio hooked back up and he played with it for awhile. I think Ed had a nice birthday weekend. Oh yes...Friday was Amber & Eds wedding anniversary....so all in all it was a weekend to celebrate.


Brian caught the big ones!

Well on Sunday we went to the mountain...after watching a fishing tournament on TV Brian decided to purchase a special lure to fish with. It payed off. Check out these monsters! We are having the largest one mounted. He was very excited! It was a good weekend.


A Perfect Easter Weekend

This Easter is one of the best I have had in years! The weather here has been in the high 70's everyday and all the flowers are in bloom. My hubby was off on Friday so he and a work buddy went to my sister's place in the mountains and hunted for turkey and fished. His buddy ended up catching a 5 lb. bass so he was happy. When I got off from work on Friday I happened by a yard sale and found the perfect baby swing for my sister...I have been looking for a lightly used one for a month and I finally found it! I was so excited. I only had to give $15 for it. So on Saturday we loaded it up and went to the mountain. We took our fishing poles and had a nice time. I really didn't fish this time just laid back on the dock and soaked up the sunshine. Ryan caught a nice little bass. Then we went back up to the house and colored easter eggs (see picture above). Amber cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and we left shortly after that. We headed home to cook some things to take to my In-Law's house on Easter Sunday...then we headed to a little town near ours where they have a car show downtown. It was jam packed with old cars that people like to show off...the guys drooled over a lot of them while I went into the antique shops that line the streets. It was a perfect night.

On Sunday we gathered at the In-Law's house after church. It was a lot of fun. My Sister, her husband & her daughter came...also my mother-in-laws sister her husband and daughter showed up and we all ate until we couldn't hold another bite. I had gone to their place earlier that day & hid Easter Eggs so later everyone hunted them. Susan ended up finding the egg with the money in it so she was tickled pink. A great time was had by all!


My Sister's Nursery is ready!!!

Well the baby's nursery is ready...IT looks soooooooooo cute. The furniture is in there. The little outfits are hung in the closet...they have plenty of diapers...everything they need. Now we are just waiting for a little boy to be ready to come into this world.

Last night was exciting. My sister and her husband came down to visit and she kept having pretty strong back pain...worse than before. I finally talked her into going to the hospital and letting the nurses check her. So they left...I just knew she was going to call and say come on down we are having a baby...but it was not to be. Just more Braxton Hicks Contractions. His heartbeat sounded good and he was kicking away so they observed her for awhile and released her to go on home.

I talked to her this morning and she is doing fine. I just wanted to share this picture I had of the baby's room.


What a gorgeous weekend

It was a beautiful weekend here in East Tennessee! On Friday after a hectic month end day at work we packed up the car and headed for the mountain to see Amber, Ed & Taylor. It rained on the way up there so I figured it would just be a dreary weekend. Boy was I wrong. We spent Friday night watching movies, listening to my new bluegrass CD "Rhonda Vincent & the Rage", Taylor and I tried to dance with cans balancing on our heads, and I finally gave out and went to sleep in the Family House next door.

Saturday morning was beautiful. The guys took their fishing poles down to the private lake and man did they catch some fish. Brian finally caught some big bass...they have been eluding him for a year. He was so proud...of course Ryan always catches some even if no one else does. Amber and I sat on the porch in the rocking chairs and then painted the baby's nursery. It looks so good. We put the little curtains up and it really looked like it was all coming together. She seemed so happy with it. Saturday evening we headed back home.

Sunday another beautiful sunny day. Brian got the lawnmower out and mowed the yard, I love the smell of freshly cut grass after a long winter of not smelling things like that. I cut off the heat and opened all the windows to let the air in. Managed to get my Easter decorations up also. Got my umbrella for my pool deck table out and put it up and got the cushions on the chairs. Then we made fried chicken, biscuits & gravy and mashed potatoes because ED, Amber and Taylor were coming over. They had a nice visit...got to use the hot tub and then they headed back home.

I made a bonfire and Brian, Ryan and I sat around it for awhile. When the thunderstorms started it was time to call it a day. I am so glad the time has changed back now and we will have more daylight! Thank you Lord for a beautiful weekend.


Amber's Baby Shower

Well this past Saturday we had Amber's baby shower. It was a total success. She got tons of stuff that she needed for the baby. It was honestly one of the best showers I have ever been to. It was really funny because our dad attended. He even played one of the games! He is crazy! This is a picture of Amber & Ed and his granddaughter. I can't wait until their little Noah gets here. It will be so exciting.
The girl on the right is one of Ed's daughters.
It was a fun day


Taylor does it again!!!!

Congrats again Taylor!!!!!!!! Looks like Taylor has done it again. She tried out for cheerleading this year at her Middle School and made it!!!! Wooohooo! We are very proud of her.

Sorry I haven't updated the blog in awhile...we spent last weekend at my sister's place in the mountains and had a blast it was a beautiful weekend...temps in the high 60's up there. The pictures I have included are from our trip.

Today however it is snowing again. I am so ready for spring to arrive. I want warm weather. This weekend we stayed around the house. Saturday Brian and I went to Johnson City and shopped then went to eat at a new restaurant called Smokey Bones which I loved! Saturday night James, Julie, Robin and her friend came by we sat around had a few beers and chit chatted...it was fun. This coming weekend we are having a party for Robin's 31st bday. I built a huge bonfire and covered it over with plastic so it will be good and dry for the party. It should blaze right up. I just hope the weather cooperates. Sunday we watched "Jar Head" and "Yours Mine and Ours" I loved the latter of the two.

That's about it from here.