Camping in Pigeon Forge

We arrived at the campsite yesterday around 5pm...everything was set up and ready. The guys decided to go fishing down by the river almost as soon as we got here...well after Ryan checked his myspace on the new macbook laptop. They had several good hits but couldn't get anything in. Several large mouth bass and turtles were seen but the coolest thing was the raccoons over on the opposite side of the river...they came out from a rock and went all along the bank trying to catch fish for dinner. The campground is very nice. It's called River Plantation.

This morning a nice breeze is blowing and I am ready to go shopping and then come back for lunch and start reading a book. I think I'll read Big Russ and Me by the late Tim Russert. I'll post a review when I finish it.

That's all for now from Pigeon Forge.


What a Weekend!

What a weekend! Had an awesome time Saturday at the Blountvegas Tractor Pull. It was a really good time but man was it hot! Sunday Brian and I headed out to the lake with our little dog Rascal. Brian caught a really good fish and I caught some rays...then we went and hung out with Pat K. at his house with the craziest bunch of people I know. I worked on the garden for a little bit when we first got home last night. Anyway...I had fun this weekend.