Good times!

Last Sunday was very eventful. Not only did Cheri and I go on a photo shoot but that night our friends, Daniel, Whitney, and Bo showed up for an impromptu concert by Ryan...Daniel joined in on drums but was quickly shut down by Bo who only wanted to hear Ryan play. We had a lot of fun with our buddies.

COrman Takes the Best Pics

Just sharing some fun pics that my buddy Cheri took last Sunday when we visited the old Bristol Cemetery for a photo shoot. She takes the best pics and has a great eye. We had a lot of fun. Hopefully whenever I'm over this virus she and I will make a trek to Etown to take some pics of the Covered Bridge and old houses there. Visit her blog http://justmyphotosandjunk.blogspot.com for more examples of her work it always shows up as a link on the side of my page.