Taylor does it again!!!!

Congrats again Taylor!!!!!!!! Looks like Taylor has done it again. She tried out for cheerleading this year at her Middle School and made it!!!! Wooohooo! We are very proud of her.

Sorry I haven't updated the blog in awhile...we spent last weekend at my sister's place in the mountains and had a blast it was a beautiful weekend...temps in the high 60's up there. The pictures I have included are from our trip.

Today however it is snowing again. I am so ready for spring to arrive. I want warm weather. This weekend we stayed around the house. Saturday Brian and I went to Johnson City and shopped then went to eat at a new restaurant called Smokey Bones which I loved! Saturday night James, Julie, Robin and her friend came by we sat around had a few beers and chit chatted...it was fun. This coming weekend we are having a party for Robin's 31st bday. I built a huge bonfire and covered it over with plastic so it will be good and dry for the party. It should blaze right up. I just hope the weather cooperates. Sunday we watched "Jar Head" and "Yours Mine and Ours" I loved the latter of the two.

That's about it from here.