I love Savannah

Today was fantabulous!!! I have decided that if I ever get the chance to move away from East Tennessee that my first pick for relocation will undoubtedly be Savannah Georgia. This is the most beautiful, relaxing, fun, historic, magical place in the South. If you haven't been yet you must Go! We saw everything and I took almost 370 pictures. We saw Forsythe Park and the famous fountain there. The Mercer House, The famous River Street, the endless shops, the beautiful southern homes with their awesome architecture, the horses and buggies, the bench that Forest Gump sat on in the movie, the statue of the Waving Girl, Club One made famous by Lady Chablis, Bonaventure Cemetary, you name it and we saw it, took pictures of it and loved every second of it. Sooooooo much endless history here. Sooooooo many pictures to be taken. Breathtaking! I will be going back in the very near future. This time with a blanket and a good book to lay in the grass under the monstrous trees in one of the many squares, my camera of course and money for good food and spirits at the local establishments.


Hilton Head Beach at Caligny

Today Amber and I went to the Caligny part of the Island and hit the beach wide open. We loved this area. We went and soaked up the sun, splashed in the waves, shopped and sipped on Pina Coladas with Dad at Hinchey's outside in the shade of the beautiful trees. We are planning a future stay at the Holiday Inn there...they had awesome live entertainment and a sweet tiki bar. Amber and I like the sandy white beaches of Hilton Head and the people here are great. Everyone is so friendly and pleasant. Right now we are sitting outside the RV on the porch watching TV, sipping a cold beer, and waiting to go to the comedy show tonite at 9PM. Woot Woot!


I love Hilton Head!

We arrived in Hilton Head yesterday around 6pm. We have been relaxing at the most beautiful RV park I've ever seen. Today we strolled through Harbor Town and went to South Beach Marina. We got alot of shopping done. I have tons of pictures but these are just a few from today that I loved.


Mother's Day 2009 Was the Best Yet!

Mother's Day 2009 was AWESOME! I actually got to be with my Mommy! It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for the short drive home to West Virginia. The scenery was absolutely beautiful as well. My Mother met us at the door without any assistance from a cane, walker or anything to lean on. It was wonderful to be with her on this day and to see how well she is recovering from her knee replacement surgery. We ate at our favorite Chinese Restaurant "Young Chows". The best Mother's Day present for me was just being with my Mom. I am making a vow that weather permitting I will drive up to see my Mom every Mother's Day from now on!

We came back to Tennessee and Brian presented his mom with a present that he made himself. Well almost. It was so neat! A couple of month's ago we found this old rusty planter underneath our house (we inherited our home from Brian's late Grandparents). This old planter belonged to Brian's deceased Grandmother. We had it sandblasted and Brian painted it and he painted some pots and packed them full of all different types of flowers and vines. It turned out really lovely. His mother was astounded. She loves flowers and plants and had a fit over how well he had restored Mamaw's old planter. He couldn't have done any better for his Momma on her special day.

Well I guess the next time I post it will be from Hilton Head Island, SC. I'm outta here!