Little Charlee Girl

At the stroke of midnight on May 1st I got to witness this precious little girl come into this world and ever since I have been wrapped up!  It's so hard to believe that she is now over a month old and swimming in my pool and hot tub, and also having lunch with us downtown.  Love little Charlee girl and her Momma.

Mt. Carmel Tennessee Mud Bog Struttin In The Ruts

Ok this ones for all our fellow Mud Boggers out there who are constantly checking my website....Yes we've been this year but not with our truck yet.  The 44's are on it though and now the new steering and shocks...Our truck is TALL now!!  Pic in a minute but this time we talked one of my oldest high school friends into taking his Dodge which he's made a few mods to this year.  He did it all right too...spent some money on it.  Still stock stuff though.  Anywho...he gave it a few runs and almost made it out...I think if he would have run one more time he would have.  Not bad huh.  Ok here's Brian's rig...mud ready now on 44 inch Super Swampers baby!!  I drove this truck when I was pregnant with our son 19 years ago then it had 33's...glad it wasn't this high then!

Much better

Before & After Tires
Before and After Stearing

Me driving again..scary!!

16 Pounds Gone Baby!!!

Last year I wouldn't have dared put this picture on my blog...too much flab and no waistline what so ever!  This year I decided to make a lifestyle change.  I wouldn't have been able to do it without God above and www.myfitnesspal.com it has changed my life completely.  Now I know exactly what I am eating and how much, or should I say little, exercise it takes.  Seriously people 2 months ago I decided I wanted to loose 15 lbs by my birthday in May.  A friend told me about this app.  It's like a Fitness Facebook that I can access by my Android phone, Ipad or any PC.  I plugged in my goal weight and the date I wanted to reach it by and the app showed me how to get there.  I am not one to love exercise or hadn't before.  Now I can't stand if I don't get my 20 minute walk in around the track at lunch 4 times a week.  That's it.  Walking and knowing how many calories are in what I was eating and what I now eat.  Once I reached my goal the app adjusted my daily caloric intake to maintain my current weight and now I find I have to really try hard to eat that many calories.  If you are wanting to loose weight you have to give this a try.  It's healthy, you can do it with friends, co workers, etc...for motivation and no shots or gastric surgery.  I have a neighbor who has logged into this app for 615 days straight who has lost over 180 pounds.  Now that's proof...plus if I can do it (I LOVE FOOD) anyone can do it.