So Much Can Happen In A Short Period of Time

 Thanksgiving In Pigeon Forge
 My hunk
 I love for 24 years
Havin Fun at BMS 
 Trackside Live
 Me doing what I love
I cannot believe it's been 6 months since my last post.  So many things changed in mine & my husband's lives since then.  Reflecting back neither of us would have ever imagined these things would take place.  Some typical life changes, others, well if I told you, you would swear I was lying.  Life goes on though.  Brian and I have made some huge discoveries, learned so much about ourselves, how strong our marriage is, how little we can depend on other people whom we've supported in the past, how our faith in God has evolved and most importantly we've discovered that together WE WILL ADAPT AND MOVE ON STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE!!!  Brian and I have been in love since 1989 so we had some professional photos taken, I've thrown some of those in, we ventured off on our own for the Thanksgiving holiday, best Thanksgiving EVER, then we spent Christmas with my family. We've been out exploring & hiking in the mountains, gone to some BMS races & spent some time enjoying watching our son play the guitar at some local venues.  I hope to get back in the habit of updating you, I should have some mud bog pictures for those readers as well.