Just having fun with the camera around the house!

I am just playing around with my AWESOME Canon Rebel camera here. Looking forward to going to WVa again this weekend. The HUGE Lilly family reunion is going on and this year they are going for a world record. Guiness is supposed to be there to certify the event. Live music, games, food, should be fun. Dad is taking the RV and on Saturday we are going to the river. I should have tons of pics to post when I get back.

School starts back on Monday for Ryan. I can't believe the poor kids have to go back to school the second week in August. I think it's ridiculous! Oh well...nobody said life was fair.


The Deadliest Catch Guys & My Step Sister

Had to share this...it's just too cool. This is a pic of my step sister Jen and some of the guys from "The Deadliest Catch" from the ship the Northwestern. We love Sig! Congrats Jen...we are jealous :)