Awesome Concert...Love Papa Roach!!!

Had a blast with Shawn and Charity last night at the Papa Roach concert in JC. I have to say it was one of the longest concerts I've been to in a long time 4 bands total. It was great! My faves were Papa Roach and Buck Cherry! Had to use the camera phone sorry for the not so great images. Thank you Shawn for the ticket, love ya girl! Check out the rainbow over Freedom Hall as I was going inside.


Concert Tonite in JC!!! Yay!!!

It's Momma's night out. Can't wait to hook up with Shawn and Charity tonite and go to the Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Avenged Sevenfold concert in JC!!! Woot Woot!!!! Look out here we come!


Got Pain? Try the Bowen Technique!!!! It Works!

Pause the music player at the right to watch video.

Just had to share this with my readers. I know some of you either suffer with some sort of pain or know someone who does. My husband suffers from chronic pain due to degenerative disk disorder and because of this condition he has nerve damage which causes the muscles in his body to spasm. He has tried everything to eleviate his pain but has finally found something that actually works. Please share this with anyone you know that is in any kind of pain. It is well worth the $30 it costs for a bowen treatment. The only thing my husband regrets is that he didn't know about this sooner. It has really changed his life. If you live in the East Tn or SW Va area and want to try it call Gwen's Herb Shop in Bristol Va off Exit 5! She is a life saver.



Just had to share my latest picture to make the local news. This one is titled "Bristol Sunset"...Emily Sutton used it on WCYB's 10pm and 11pm broadcasts last night. I love it!


City of Elizabethton is STUPID!!!!

Every Saturday night during the warm months my family would jump in car and drive 30 minutes down the road to the small town of Elizabethton to the Carter County Car Club's weekly show. Check out this article on www.tricities.com about the town's decision to put a stop to this event, here's the link:


Makes no sense to me what so ever. Here is a small downtown area, which is indeed beautiful but you don't see a lot of people visiting the businesses on a daily basis. They had a show that came to the area every Saturday night and the streets and sidewalks were full of people, people who were visiting the shops, restaurants, and spending money. This weekly event even drew the attention of a national television show when Dennis Guage from "My Classic Car Show" came to the area last summer to showcase this area. So they decide to tell the car club that they can't hold the event there every Saturday any longer...they will be limited to one Saturday per month. So the Car Club decided to move the location to a business that would allow them to meet outside every Saturday. I don't blame the Car Club however the City of Elizabethton's so called officials need their heads checked they are STUPID!!!