A Perfect Easter Weekend

This Easter is one of the best I have had in years! The weather here has been in the high 70's everyday and all the flowers are in bloom. My hubby was off on Friday so he and a work buddy went to my sister's place in the mountains and hunted for turkey and fished. His buddy ended up catching a 5 lb. bass so he was happy. When I got off from work on Friday I happened by a yard sale and found the perfect baby swing for my sister...I have been looking for a lightly used one for a month and I finally found it! I was so excited. I only had to give $15 for it. So on Saturday we loaded it up and went to the mountain. We took our fishing poles and had a nice time. I really didn't fish this time just laid back on the dock and soaked up the sunshine. Ryan caught a nice little bass. Then we went back up to the house and colored easter eggs (see picture above). Amber cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and we left shortly after that. We headed home to cook some things to take to my In-Law's house on Easter Sunday...then we headed to a little town near ours where they have a car show downtown. It was jam packed with old cars that people like to show off...the guys drooled over a lot of them while I went into the antique shops that line the streets. It was a perfect night.

On Sunday we gathered at the In-Law's house after church. It was a lot of fun. My Sister, her husband & her daughter came...also my mother-in-laws sister her husband and daughter showed up and we all ate until we couldn't hold another bite. I had gone to their place earlier that day & hid Easter Eggs so later everyone hunted them. Susan ended up finding the egg with the money in it so she was tickled pink. A great time was had by all!

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