My Sister's Nursery is ready!!!

Well the baby's nursery is ready...IT looks soooooooooo cute. The furniture is in there. The little outfits are hung in the closet...they have plenty of diapers...everything they need. Now we are just waiting for a little boy to be ready to come into this world.

Last night was exciting. My sister and her husband came down to visit and she kept having pretty strong back pain...worse than before. I finally talked her into going to the hospital and letting the nurses check her. So they left...I just knew she was going to call and say come on down we are having a baby...but it was not to be. Just more Braxton Hicks Contractions. His heartbeat sounded good and he was kicking away so they observed her for awhile and released her to go on home.

I talked to her this morning and she is doing fine. I just wanted to share this picture I had of the baby's room.

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