July flew by!!!

Wow...I have no idea where the month of July went. Well...yes I do. It was the month of picnics and birthdays. Brian's birthday, Amber's birthday, my Dad's birthday, my brother got married, you name it and it happened in July. Hell we are half way thru August now. Ryan went back to school August 7th. We are praying he will have a better year than the last. I guess it's true...time flies when you're having fun!

I will try to sum things up. After July 4th my youngest step-brother got married. It was a beautiful ceremony & and awesome reception (best party I've been to in a long time). It was wonderful because my Grandmother who lives in Florida & her husband Charlie came up so did my Uncle Danny who I haven't seen in years. I loved having them all here. Father's Day I had them over to the house for a cookout. Brian's birthday was fun also...everyone came over for a cookout and swimming and he got a new hammock & a new helmet among other things. Then Amber turned 31 and we had yet another cookout and party for her. She got clothes, jewelry, a massage gift certificate which she had a fit over and an umbrella table set which thrilled her to no end. She had a GREAT birthday. Noah is growing up so fast! I will send pics of him in my next post.

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