Happy 1st Birthday Samantha!

Yesterday was Samantha's 1st birthday party. She was such a baby doll and had a big time digging into her cake all by herself. She is pulling up and trying to stand holding onto the furniture, what a big girl! Happy Birthday Samantha!

I have really enjoyed my family lately. Last Saturday after the picnic I got to spend time with Doug, Jenny and Brenda...we decorated Doug and Jen's new home, moved furniture around and had a few laughs...their home is spectacular, and we had a lot of fun in the process. Brenda is recovering nicely from her broken arm. It has taken alot of healing time though. Yesterday I enjoyed Kristina, Eddy and the kids. They really have a beautiful family. The girls are just precious. We've gotten to spend more time with them this summer since we've been out at the lake more often and it's been really nice. Dad is still busy as ever but I enjoy dropping by the office to chit chat with him from time to time. We also really had a great time with Missy, Chris, CJ and Courtney this summer at the beach.

I've got to get up to West Virginia soon and spend some quality time with my Momma and Mike. Maybe I'll get to do that this Saturday or the next.

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