Teenager Trouble

I am really at my wits end lately with Ryan. He will turn 13 in a month and his attitude is terrible, his grades are terrible, he is trying to grow his hair (which drives me crazy), he back talks and lies. He was always such a sweet little boy. For some reason since school started this year everything has just gone downhill fast.
I received a letter in the mail 2 weeks ago telling me that he was in jeaopardy of failing for the year because he has 2 F's in Math for the year. Ryan has always been an honor roll student and now I am being told that he could possibly fail a grade. He is not on drugs (yet)...I know this for a fact. He is in a terrible school where in some classes there is no control what so ever. I have started picking him up from school so that I can make sure he has all of his homework, I am in constant contact with his teachers, I go over his studies with him at home & it seems as though he understands it...so why when he gets to school does he fail his tests? I have even gone to school with him and sat in on his classes just to get an idea for myself what is going on. The other day I asked him if he had any graded papers to share with me & he said no. Well I find out this morning from the math teacher that she sent papers home all week for him to get me to sign and return & he brought them back with my signature that he had forged & she could tell. If he had brought them home I could have went over them with him and helped him understand but now he is probably having a test on that work today and there is nothing I can do to help him.
I guess it is just part of being a teenager. I guess I need to just let him fail and learn for himself that his actions have consequences. I can't do his work for him & if he is not willing to do it then he will do it over again next year & repeat the 7th grade. It just seems like such a waste when he is such a smart boy.

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