It's Snowing!!!

We finally got some snow!!! It was so beautiful all weekend. On Friday night we rented some movies and went to the grocery store to stock up incase it got really bad. Friday night we watched "The Constant Gardner" and "Flight Plan". I loved "Flight Plan" but could have done without watching "The Constant Gardner." Then we got up on Saturday morning to about 1-2 inches of snow. It was beautiful...it continued all day long. They cancelled Ryan's basketball game so we got to hang out and watch it snow all day. Saturday night Brian and I went to Fred's to draw for the race pool...YES NASCAR SEASON IS HERE AGAIN! It was the weekend for the Bud Shootout in Daytona. Ten of us put in $5 each and we draw numbers 1-10. We chatted with Fred, Michelle, Brandon, Brian Simms and Velvet for awhile but we had to get to Robin's house for a night of playing cards. We had some AWESOME finger foods that Robin had fixed, played some cards, and sat around chit chatting with Robin, her guy friend, Randy, Renee, Dudley, and Robin's dad Mike came by for a little bit. It was a nice gathering. I drank too much beer and we left there around 10:30pm.
Sunday morning it was time to go play in the snow but first we watched another movie this one was called "Doom" it had The Rock in it...pretty good action sci-fi movie but very gorry! We headed up to my husband's mom and dad's house where there is a nice hill for sledding and we hit the slopes. I will try to attach a picture to this. Then we built a snowman and headed into the house for some hot beef stew. Then it was back home to watch the last movie...a comedy called "Waiting" this was one crazy movie...not for little kids to watch. Not much of a plot just a bunch of young people who work in a restaurant and their crazy antics.
This weekend was a good one. I hope we get a few more good snows like this before spring. I did make a special request to my dad last week though...He was heading for ST. MAARTIN...a little island in the Carribbean...and I asked him to bring some hot weather home with him. Maybe he will.

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