Lazy Snow Daze!!

Brian and I enjoyed a really nice weekend.  On Friday we celebrated Brian's Mom's birthday then came home and watched the snow begin to fall.  I love winter weekends like this one.  On Saturday we enjoyed being completely lazy all morning, cuddling on the couch watching movies, when we finally did emerge we played in the snow a little bit then headed back in for more movies and games.  We are still really enjoying our Wii and games.  I was on a huge roll and beat Brian at all of the sports games...he couldn't believe it.  We still enjoy each other so much.  On Sunday we went for a drive in the snow.  Did a little bit of four wheeling.  Funny thing was this time I didn't take a ton of pictures.  I was too busy looking at the beautiful scenes...all of that white fluffy stuff blanketing the fields and houses.  These were the only pictures taken over the weekend.  I guess you can see a little bit of snow in the back grounds. 

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