Here we go...Wiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!

Just sitting here pondering the soreness in my muscles and thinking that I need to spread the word about the Wii Fit Plus and EA Sports Active Personal Trainer and how much I am enjoying exercising this way.  I never thought of exercise as something fun, it was more or less a chore for me.  Of course I enjoy the experience when I take a walk or swim in my pool but to just get on a treadmill or pay for a gym membership, let's just say, it wasn't for me.  If you are like me then please don't wait any longer.  If you don't have a Wii, go buy one and then purchase these two items pictured above.  You won't regret it I promise.  I enjoy going home everyday stepping on my balance board (which comes with the Wii Fit Plus) and hearing those words...measuring...measuring...as I wait for the results.  The cool thing about both of these programs is that you can track your progress, set goals or change them, and track how well you are doing.  There are games that exercise all parts of the body and even yoga and strength training exercises on the Fit.  The Active Personal Trainer kicks my butt, in a good way of course, and I love using the resistance band that comes with it.  I never would have dreamed that a big rubber band would work out my upper body out like it does.  I feel AMAZING these days and don't think I will be giving up my Wii workout anytime soon.  Get moving people...there's no excuse now that exercise can be fun!

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