I love Savannah

Today was fantabulous!!! I have decided that if I ever get the chance to move away from East Tennessee that my first pick for relocation will undoubtedly be Savannah Georgia. This is the most beautiful, relaxing, fun, historic, magical place in the South. If you haven't been yet you must Go! We saw everything and I took almost 370 pictures. We saw Forsythe Park and the famous fountain there. The Mercer House, The famous River Street, the endless shops, the beautiful southern homes with their awesome architecture, the horses and buggies, the bench that Forest Gump sat on in the movie, the statue of the Waving Girl, Club One made famous by Lady Chablis, Bonaventure Cemetary, you name it and we saw it, took pictures of it and loved every second of it. Sooooooo much endless history here. Sooooooo many pictures to be taken. Breathtaking! I will be going back in the very near future. This time with a blanket and a good book to lay in the grass under the monstrous trees in one of the many squares, my camera of course and money for good food and spirits at the local establishments.

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Rosie said...

I live in East Tennessee also. I just returned from Charleston, SC and said the same thing. If I ever get a chance to move from this area, Charleston is for me. We must be true Southern Gals. Savannah is beautiful as well. Both fabulous southern spots. :)

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