Still doing good on E-cigarette!

Just an update on my e-cigarette...I am still using it and doing GREAT! I am really proud of myself because I have never and I repeat never been able to come close to quitting smoking. I just love to smoke. Not anymore. Now I love to vape on my e cigarette. I am saving so much money too. I was spending $5 a day on cigarettes. This week I spent $10 on puresmoker.com you see I invested in the Marlboro refill liquid for my e-cigarette and now when I want to refill my cigarette I just drop two drops of this vaporizing liquid into my e-cigarette and I'm all set. It's just like smoking a marlboro but without the harmful effects. The funny thing is that after almost 2 weeks now...I actually forget about smoking. I even sometimes forget about the e cig too. The only times I have smoked are when I am drinking a cold beer or something and I got the urge but I can tell that is becoming easier not to do as well. When I have smoked I realized that I enjoy puffing on my e cig more. It's wonderful to be able to enjoy the same sensations as smoking but knowing that I'm not doing anything to jeopardize my health. Smokers take notice and try this...you won't regret it I promise.


CMO said...

I am going to have to give Cami the update on that, she really needs to quit. Have I told you how proud I am of you? Well I am...keep up the good work!

TNAshley said...

Thank you girl...I am proud too...but it really hasn't been hard at all. Tell Cami to definately try it.

jtheires said...

Thanks for providing your "smoker's perspective" on e-cigs. As a supplier of e-cigs, I am working on an article for our local (Cedar Rapids) City Revealed magazine. Do you mind if I quote you for the article? I'm portraying the health aspects of e-cigs, and trying to answer the most common questions people have. "Do e-cigs help to quit smoking?" is one I would like to provide an answer to.
Thanks in advance,
James Heires

TNAshley said...

James I don't mind at all...if it helps one person quit smoking traditional cigarettes it will be worth it. Thank you for what you are doing.